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Our Home & Neighborhood

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Our home is located in the Grandview/Emerson neighborhood of La Crosse, a family friendly area near many parks.

We bought our first house in 2019, in a kid-friendly neighborhood just a few blocks from an elementary school and near several playgrounds. Cozy has her own bedroom, and we have another child's bedroom ready to go when our family expands. Our first level includes a play room where Cozy spends most of her time, and a large backyard with a swing set and room to run around. Cozy's favorite parks are within walking distance, and she enjoys riding her scooter and bike around the neighborhood.

There is a marsh and bike trail within a mile of our house, and a riverfront park where kids often feed the ducks. Cozy enjoys going on the trails and looking for turtles and frogs.

She also enjoys the Children's Museum in Downtown La Crosse, which has three floors of activities, and going to the kid's gym at the YMCA.

Emily's parents live just two blocks away, and Steve's parents are a 10 minute drive away, so Cozy sees both sets of her grandparents often. Steve's brother and his family, and one set of Steve's great grandparents, are also located in La Crosse.

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